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Hello ! How can we install this game because this game looks GREAT!

When is the demo available?

eu posso jogar com outras pessoas mas sem ser alguém que eu conheça, porque o meu parceiro tem um computador meio ruim. outra pergunta, eu posso jogar somente pelo teclado ou preciso de um controle. agora a ultima, o jogo vai ser grátis?


How do I download the demo? I am failing to find the button, is it like an exclusive access thing?

We recently took down the demo. Sorry you didn't get a chance to play it, it shouldn't be too long until a new version is up!

Ei, joguei tudinho com minha irmã, mas tem níveis que não consigo jogar, porque estão bloqueados, como desbloqueio eles? Porque já passei te todas as fases, só n consigo desbloquear os novos, tem algum tempo, ou coisa do gênero?

I played this game with my girlfriend, and we were amazed how this game is fun. The difficulty is as hard as we want and you need to communicate to pass the levels. To conclude, this game is one of the best i played in multiplayer.

I'm waiting for the official release.


Interesting concept!

I’ve seen games use split controllers to get 8 players with 4 controllers. Is this something you’ve already considered?


Thanks! It would be great to have 8 players in a race but we have decided against it since rendering 4 cameras negatively affects performance too greatly.


Good to hear that it’s at least been considered. Would’ve been a cool feature if it had worked out.

You guys gonna reconsider this now as you have the extra funding and being a further 10 months into your development. If you could find a way of solving it that would be something really special.