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Fling to the Finish Alpha Demo

Fling to the Finish is a cooperative racing game where you're tethered to your best friend, or worst enemy. 

Get up close and personal with your partner as you share a controller to maneuver two halves of an energetic duo.

Teams race through crazy obstacle courses across many different worlds, each with unique hazards to conquer.

Dodge everything from lasers, whirlwinds, and giant bouncy dice to win. 

Only teams that stay in constant communication will have what it takes to Fling to the Finish!

Each team uses one controller to play. Player one controls the left character with the left side of the controller, and player two controls the right character with the right side of the controller.

Players can also use separate controllers if they so choose. If a player doesn't have a teammate, they can control both characters with one controller. 

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Install instructions

Our current Demo is for PC and Mac only. Unzip the folder and launch the executable. A game controller is required.


Fling Alpha Demo 0.6.25.PC.zip 462 MB
Fling_Alpha_0.6.25_osx.zip 513 MB


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Interesting concept!

I’ve seen games use split controllers to get 8 players with 4 controllers. Is this something you’ve already considered?


Thanks! It would be great to have 8 players in a race but we have decided against it since rendering 4 cameras negatively affects performance too greatly.

Good to hear that it’s at least been considered. Would’ve been a cool feature if it had worked out.